Mindful Connections Friday, October 21, 2011

Today, Lyndsey and David led another Mindful Connections tour. Our knowledgeable Guides introduced a group of seven seniors and their caregivers to the Buddha through depictions of his life. Lyndsey and David stimulated our visitors’ minds and memories by encouraging them to relate the artworks to their own lives.

Lyndsey introducing the group to the Buddha

The participants had many questions about the differences between the historical Buddha and other buddhas once we entered the Mirror of the Buddha exhibition, which just opened today.

This was the first Mindful Connections tour in this new exhibition!

Lyndsey helped our guests to see the smallest details and understand their meanings.

Lyndsey answered all of our guests' thoughtful questions

A printed version of the artwork helped this visitor take a closer look

David passed around samples of materials used to make the art.

Malachite and Coral used to make beautiful pigments

For more information on our Mindful Connections tours and other programs that aid our accessibility, click here.


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