Mindful Connections Friday, September 30, 2011

On Friday afternoon, a group of eleven senior visitors and caregivers attended our Mindful Connections program. Lead by guides David Rosenberg and Lyndsey Anderson, and with the help of a translator, the group journeyed to three stops in the galleries where they looked deeply, thought deeply, and felt deeply, both literally and figuratively! Not only did David and Lyndsey show and teach our elderly visitors and their caregivers about the creation and use of three different types of art, they gave them an opportunity to physically interact with art through molds, models, and art supplies.

Lyndsey and David demonstrating common gestures

Some of the seniors even joined in and practiced the meditation gesture!

How did this Bodhisattva become damaged?

David got the group to think about how this Bodhisattva statue might have incurred it’s damage by encouraging them to remember their teenage years.

Did you know this painting wasn't meant to have a frame?

Visitors had an opportunity to handle materials used to make paints such as yak fat strips and minerals. Some of our visitors even had experience with these techniques. After all that looking and thinking, our visitors finally got to feel what it was like to make art by pressing clay into a mold.

Working together to make art!

Carefully pulling back the clay...

to reveal a beautiful piece of art!

Mindful Connections makes deep, meaningful interactions with art possible for visitors with dementia, and is a rewarding learning experience for both the visitors and the guides. To learn more about Mindful Connections click here.


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