Book Art at Family Art Labs!

Last weekend we hosted our December Family Art Lab focusing on the art of books and their importance in Tibetan Culture.  We began with an exploration of the exhibition, All-Knowing Buddha: A Secret Guidefocusing on a set of 54 paintings that are thought to be album leaves from 18th century China.  Each of the paintings visually depicts the meditation practice of the All-Knowing Buddha.  On this tour, families discovered what it means to “visualize” and how artwork can be used as teaching tools.

Museum2  Museum5Museum1Museum4 Museum6

After exploring the galleries, we went to the art studio to begin creating our pop-up books.  We used recycled materials to construct our books, learned new binding techniques, and experimented with different ways to make our pages pop!

artmaking1 artmaking2 artmaking3 artmaking4 artmaking5 artmaking6

Families came together, working as a team on their books and the results were really amazing!


We believe it’s important to sign your work! – “Invented by a kid”.


In January we’ll be celebrating Makar Sankranti, the Indian Kite Festival at Family Art Labs and will create our own traditional Indian Kites!  We hope that you can join us.  Until then, happy holidays and happy new year from the Family Programs team!

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