Drum Beats & Little Feet!

It’s Friday morning and we’re ready to move! It’s time for Drum Beats & Little Feet! Our teacher Tala and assistant Allison are here to help us find our inner rhythm.

We warmed up by playing with some feathers

Today was all about counting. We learned to count an clap different rhythms, then we put those beats to use when we marched in a parade!

One of our friends couldn't help but dance to the rhythm!


Tala shows us how to shake our instruments


We all marched in a parade.

When it came time for a story, we thought we were going to relax.

Is this a bedtime story?

But before we knew it, we were up and counting again!

No! This is a story about monkeys jumping on the bed!

When it was time to clean up, all of our friends worked together to get the job done!

Let's roll it up!

Then, we headed inside the museum to keep up our counting in the galleries.

Can you count the different colors on the map?

We had so much fun, we can hardly wait for next week!

Where did our friends go?

There they are!

See you next week!

If you’d like to learn more about Drum Beats & Little Feet or any of our other family activities click here.

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