What I Have Learned From the Rubin Museum

Writing this blog entry is quite bitter sweet for tomorrow will be my last day here at the Rubin Museum of Art.  Before I began my position here at the Rubin Museum of Art, my predecessor, before she left, had decided to express what she learned from her experience from museums.  Following her wonderful example, the time for me has come for reflection.

When I began here at the Rubin Museum, I had already worked in museums but I had always known this place was beautifully and uniquely different.  It wasn’t just the works of art that I was experiencing for the first time that gave me this feeling but the people and employees that make this museum what it is.  Over time I realized that being the Educational Resources Coordinator here, the finest resource the museum had (and still has for that matter) is its staff.  They are the people who assist you with a smile when you approach the front desk for a ticket.  They are the people who greet you by name when opening the museum when you are a regular.  They are the people who tirelessly travel all over the world to make sure the finest art and its interpretation are correct for all to experience. They are the people who fundraise for educational programs here at the museum for you to enjoy.    They are the people who time and again teach multiple classes a day without a days lunch.  All of these people have something in common, they care about this beautiful museum.

Reflecting on my own experience here, I can happily say that I am one of them and will always have a deep connection with this museum. But it was also this museum that helped me realize my love for teaching students on a regular basis.  It was this museum who helped me shape who I am today and helped me meet some of the most significant people in my life.  And because of that I am entirely grateful.  To all of the staff, past, present and future, I thank you for all of your work. So what did I learn from the Rubin Museum? I learned that with an incredible staff, stunning works of art and sheer dedication, you can create a place that promotes the importance of education, stimulates intellectual thought and creates an experience like no other.

I close with my favorite pictures of my time at the Rubin Museum.  Thank you again for a life changing three years!


Photo Booth for Allegory and Illusion.


Staff Bonding, 2011


Diwali, 2013

michael palma for rma chairs dinner 002

Speaking to the Roosevelts for the exhibition Quentin Roosevelt’s China.

michael palma for rma open house 20120908_065

Teaching, 2013

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