A Wonderful Weekend with Carmen Mensink

We were delighted to welcome Carmen Mensink, a gifted educator and artist based in Amsterdam, back to the museum this past weekend.  A practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism who has studied thangka painting extensively, Carmen has taught thangka painting classes in Europe and the States for over fifteen years.

Carmen Adult July 2014 ThangkaDuring the weekend, Carmen Mensink taught a range of exciting programs, including a Teen Art Lab session on how to draw the Buddha’s head, as well as three workshops for our general visitors inspired by themes found in the exhibition Bodies in Balance: The Art of Tibetan Medicine.

Carmen drawing with students

T'Shawn with buddhaEach session included a discussion and sketching in the galleries, followed by art-making in our Education Center. The individual workshops explored the role of the Medicine Buddha, the Diagnostic Tree, and Protective amulets within the context of Tibetan Medicine.

Carmen Adult July 2014 1

Carmen Adult July 2014 4Carmen Adult July 2014 talkingThank you, Carmen, for making Tibetan Buddhist art come alive through your passion, warmth, and insight into a beautiful and time-honored tradition. We look forward to welcoming you back to the museum!

Learn more about Carmen:  http://www.tibetanthangkapainting.com/artist_intro.html


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