Thinking Through Art Residency at PS 32

This spring, Rukhshan and I led a Thinking Through Art residency at PS 32 in Flushing, Queens. We worked with the entire 3rd grade class – about 140 students! The students learned about mandalas and had a chance to create their own printed mandalas.

Despite the challenges of doing a printmaking project in a couple of 45-minute periods in classrooms with almost 30 students and no sinks, it was a very rewarding experience for us and for the students. The students learned a new skill, used printmaking tools, and really got their hands messy. Printmaking is a magical process which always holds an element of surprise and transformation. The 3rd graders watched triangles combine to make a square and squares transform into circles – each mandala was a unique creation and a reflection of the student.

The residency was celebrated at the Rubin Museum Family Art Night where parents were able to come and see the students’ mandalas as well as other artwork the students had been working on throughout the year.

Marilyn, David, Rukhshan and I led hands-on activities for the students and their families. As always, we felt welcomed by the PS 32 community and enjoyed making art with them.  In addition to individual projects such as peace flags, namkas, and Rubin Museum buttons, students created a collaborative mandala.

I look forward to continuing our partnership with PS 32 next year!

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