Saturday Family Art Lab Puppeteering Workshop!

It’s January already!?  Another year has come and the Family Programs team has just finished hosting our monthly Saturday Family Art Lab.  This month’s theme was Shadow Puppets, a personal favorite of mine.  We began the workshop by discussing the art of storytelling and how puppets can be used to tell stories.  We passed around some puppet examples and looked at some slides from the previous year’s Puppetry Workshop.

To connect puppetry with the art we’d be viewing in the museum, we discussed how much of Himalayan art has a story to tell.  We then walked over to the museum to discover stories within the artworks on the 2nd floor’s Gateway to Himalayan Art exhibition.

Feeling inspired by our museum experience, we returned to the Education Center to begin the art-making part of the workshop.  Participants were encouraged to imagine their own puppet characters and to create original stories about their puppets.  Families worked together to make some truly amazing shadow puppets.


We completed the workshop with each family performing their shadow puppet show in the Education Center’s very own puppet theater!  This part of the workshop was the highlight (in my opinion), as we got to see all of the puppets come to life!

Each month is a truly unique and special experience for us in the Family Programs Team and for our participating families.

Thanks for reading!  I’m looking forward to next month’s Saturday Family Art Lab: Collaborative Sand Mandalas!



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