Raja-Rani: King & Queen for a Day at Family Art Labs!

Saturday we had yet another fun day at Family Art Labs.  Our theme of the day was Raja-Rani, which means “King & Queen” in Hindi.  This workshop took us on an exploration of the newly opened Fiercely Modern: Art of the Naga Warrior exhibition followed by an art-making session where we made our own royal adornments.

The Naga people are known for their magnificent jewels, headdresses, belts and body cloths.  Our Activity Guides led us to stops at the body cloths, where we discovered many different patterns woven into the cloths; the jewelry cases, where we looked at arm bands and beautifully beaded necklaces; and the dugout drum, where we got to watch a video of Naga people playing the drum!

full group in museum




We headed back to the Art Studio feeling completely inspired by the Naga exhibition.  Now it was time to make our own crowns…but these weren’t just any crowns…these were magnificent crowns with gems, shiny collage papers, sequins, feathers, metallic embossing papers, and, my personal favorite, glitter!

With their creative juices already flowing from our gallery exploration, everyone jumped right into the art-making process.

art making

We cut, we pasted…

art making

We feathered, we sequined…

art making

We embossed, we bedazzled…

art making

…And we glittered!

The results were super as always…and everyone left with a new crown (and a few lanterns and arm bands) to wear home.


It was truly a great way to spend a Saturday.  We are really looking forward to our next Family Art Lab, Gold Leaf Sculptures, on Saturday June 8th.  We’ll be exploring the soon-to-be open From India East exhibition followed by clay sculpting and learning the technique of gold leaf in the Art Studio!

It’s sure to be a popular Family Art Lab, so as always, we encourage you to purchase your tickets ahead of time to ensure your family gets to join the fun.

See you in a month!

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