Painting Tools

Looking at lines is a common theme in our Yak Packers early childhood art class. Last week we tried something new and created “brushes” out of yarn wrapped with tape. You can see here we made a variety of “brushes” for the little ones to try out.

After the usual play time, read aloud, and journey to find lines in the galleries together, the families sat down and we brought out the “brushes”. Before painting we took some time to inspect the fuzzy bundles and then we brought out the finger paints. All the kids chose to use the tools to begin with, a few decided to move to straight finger work after ten minutes or so. It often feels to me as though regular paint brushes limit creativity, and I was delighted to see the families inspired to talk more about the lines and patterns they were making while using these tools. I would love to try making your own brushes with older kids. Are there any fun tools you make yourself for your classes?

About Aoife

Aoife leads classes and special events for families at RMA. Aoife’s favorite thing about working at The Rubin is sharing the exhibitions with our youngest visitors and their families.
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