Print, Print, Print! at Saturday Family Art Labs!

The slow days of summer are quickly dwindling down and I cannot think of a better way to have spent a Saturday afternoon than learning about printing in Family Art Labs!  We examined both relief printing and woodblock printing (common in South Asia), and created original relief prints and worked with traditional Himalayan woodblocks. Our group was small, but took full advantage of the variety of materials.

After a brief introduction to printmaking, we made our way to the Museum to explore the 2nd floor exhibition, Gateway to Himalayan Art.  We used our Activity Guides to explore the artworks, and found an actual woodblock from the 15th century (!) Himalayan region and many other intricate designs that would later inspire our own artworks.

After time in the galleries, we went back to the Art Studio, feeling inspired, to create our own prints.  We began with relief prints, carefully drawing our images onto our printing plates.  Do to the small group, my assistant and I were happily able to participate in the project too!

My assistant’s gold Buddha print impressed us all.

One of my favorite parts of the Family Art Labs is watching families work together and help one another.

After completing our relief prints, we moved on to woodblock printing, creating a collaborative printed textile.  Our creation was inspired by the printed Indian textiles we had looked at earlier in the workshop.

Look at what we made!

Join us next month for a Ganesh themed sculpting workshop!

Happy August!

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