Green Greetings at Saturday Family Art Labs! (Family Programs in Action)

On the second Saturday of each month, the Family Programs team hosts a Saturday Family Art Lab.  Each month has a different theme and December’s was Green Greetings!  During this Art Lab, families came together to make eco-friendly holiday cards for their loved ones and chose from recycled and natural materials to create their greetings.  The two hour lab involves both a gallery exploration and an art-making session, inspired by the gallery visit.  In this month’s gallery visit we looked at the Materials and Techniques section of the Gateway to Himalayan Art exhibition.  Families were encouraged to think about what types of materials Himalayan artists used to create their artworks and the processes that they used to make them.

As a new member of the Family Programs team, December’s Art Lab was only the second I’ve had the opportunity to lead.  So far, each class I’ve taught at the Rubin has been a new learning experience.  It seems that each time I work with children, I have a new learning experience, and our Green Greetings Art Lab was no different.  In preparation for the lab, I gathered a seemingly endless amount of natural and recycled materials for the kids to choose from (glitter is considered natural right?).  As a person who considers herself to be a visual artist, I was still unable to imagine how all of the materials could be put to use in our greetings.  The kids, grandparents, moms, and dads made use of (almost) every last bit of the materials, proving that even beans, pasta, and leaves can make a piece of cardboard go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here are some of the day’s results…

…and some of us hard at “work.”

We’ll be continuing to clean up glitter well on into the New Year, but like I say, a little glitter never hurt anybody.

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