Celebrating Holi and Color at Yak Packers!

Each Spring, many Hindus in India and Nepal celebrate the festival of Holi.  Holi is a festival of color, celebrating the coming of Spring.  This year Holi will fall on Wednesday, March 27th. Here in Family Programs, we decided to celebrate the coming holiday by having a color-themed lesson in our weekly Yak Packers class.

We began with a little creative play using color…

Then I shared the story of Little Blue and Little Yellow, by Leo Lionni, around the carpet. After the story, the children pointed out what colors they were wearing and the different colors they saw around the room.

After stretching our bodies up to the blue sky and down to the green earth, we walked next door to the museum to go on a color hunt in the Masterworks exhibition (3rd floor galleries).  We searched for red, green, and even gold (found in the Buddha!).

Inspired by what we saw, we headed back to the Art Studio to explore some color-mixing of our own! To keep in the theme of Holi, we mixed colors with white to make new pastel, Spring-like colors.  The children and adults had a great time mixing the colors.  While brushes were available, most of the kids chose using their hands as painting tools…also my preferred technique.

Our Yak Packers had a fabulous time exploring color and learning a little bit about the festival of Holi.

Our class theme changes from week to week…join us for explorations in shapes, lines, patterns, and more!

Find out more about our Yak Packers class and/or to buy tickets to the class on our website, or by clicking on this link.

If you are interested in finding out more about Holi, or even attending the Holi NYC 2013: Festival of Colors, click here.



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