Artifact Investigation Workshop!

The opening of the new Education Center this summer brought the creation of a new series of offerings for K-12 School Groups: Tour + Workshops.

Teachers and coordinators can schedule a hands-on workshop to enhance their school group’s guided tour of the Rubin Museum of Art! Workshops are 60-minute, interactive experiences in our new state-of-the-art Education Center, where students  further explore the symbolism, structure, and context of Himalayan art from our exhibitions and hands-on teaching collection.

A student creates a Journey Scroll during an Art Workshop!

As we look forward to 2012- we are looking at new opportunities and ways to enrich the programs offered and reach out to new audiences.

Something that I am very excited about is the Artifact Investigation Workshop!

Students will discover the hands-on investigation techniques of professional museum curators, historians and art handlers! By using inquiry and observation, students will learn how to look deeply and uncover the religious, artistic, and cultural meaning of authentic works of art from our exhibitions and hands-on teaching collection.

Some artifacts currently in on view on the 2nd Floor of the Rubin Museum of Art

One last accomplishment of 2011 is the Tour + Workshop Flyer (which can be downloaded from the website):

Page 2 of the Tour and Workshop Flyer

Page 1 of our new Tour and Workshop Flyer

Page 1 of the new Tour and Workshop Flyer

About Marilyn

Marilyn Casey is the Assistant Manager of School Programs at the Rubin Museum of Art. With a wide range of teaching and arts experience, she has worked in outdoor education administration, art classrooms, and a variety of ceramics studios around the tri-state area. She currently holds NY and NJ State Teacher Certification for Art K-12.
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