April Family Sundays Featured the Art of Amulets!

This past Sunday concluded the last week of “Wrapped Wishes,” our amulet making series for April Family Sundays! Throughout the month, families were invited to drop-in and wrap their wishes, hopes and dreams with colorful strings to create their own handmade ready to wear amulets. Afterwards, we encouraged the families to visit the Bodies in Balance show where a variety of hand-woven amulets and thread-crosses are now featured on the fourth floor.

Children and parents alike were thrilled to wrap their string up, down, across, and in every possible direction. Amulets ranged from showcasing a few carefully chosen colors as seen below, to featuring more and more elaborate, unique and truly impressive designs.

amulet  amulet pic 2  pic 3

As seen above, we also learned our necklace string can be tied so our amulet lies as a square or as a diamond, which was a very exciting new technique! The tip suggested from our volunteer Diane, was also very innovative: by simply making small slits in the amulet corners, string could have a more secure groove to nestle into when being wrapped in a variety of creative directions!

dad amulet     pic 5

 And here below is my own most successful amulet yet! Practicing for a month has really helped! I encourage everyone to create their own amulet in their free time, not only to create a unique piece of art but also to practice a very meditative and mindful activity that helps bring us each our own small bit of greater balance.

pic 6

And for all the visitors who enjoyed our fortune cookie treats, and wondered how exactly the fortune gets inside the cookie, here’s the fascinating answer! http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/question365.htm



See you at our next month of Family Sundays where will be making Mala necklaces!

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