Week(s)-in-Review: November 21 – December 2, 2011

Many apologies for not posting last week, but to be honest, the recovery from a post-Thanksgiving tryptophanic induced food coma and a week in Jury Duty made for poor reflective writing head space. That doesn’t mean that great things weren’t happening in the Rubin Museum Education Department!

Did you know that our Teen Programs have a blog? This recently launched masterwork is completely teen run, and not to brag (but I will), it’s really cool. Our Teen Connectors oversee the blog and it covers a range of ideas, experiences our teens are having in the program, and interesting art connections in the city and beyond. Make sure to follow it on Tumblr.

Our residency programs are coming to a close for the semester, so we’ve been welcoming student projects of all types and sizes at the museum. We photograph all of the projects in multiple stages, so everything has the opportunity to become Americas Next Top Hybrid Animal.


University programs were hopping as we welcomed our Faculty Fellows from Baruch College to the museum for an orientation to the collection and exhibitions. Many of the Fellows have actually been meeting with us and visiting with their Research Assistants, so it was a great opportunity to sit and share what everyone is thinking about.


In the past 2 months we’ve opened two spectacular exhibitions. Just because an exhibition is open doesn’t mean that we stop learning about it. For every exhibition, on top of our curator walkthroughs, our Guides formulate an exhibition tour and give training to the whole docent and visitor experience team. We do this a week or two after the exhibition opens so that we can really get a feel for how a group might navigate the exhibition. Last week Errol gave a great training on Mirror of the Buddha, and last night Chantal did excellent t work on Modernist Art from India: The Body Unbound.

Chantal leads an exhibition specific traning on The Body Unbound


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