Week(s)-in-Review: December 17–30, 2011

It’s been a pretty terrific year in the Education Department at the Rubin Museum, and the last two weeks were no exception. Holiday time always brings out different types of audiences to the Museum, and we’ve welcomed a tremendous amount of new visitors in the past few days that are on vacation or school break.

We love meeting new families, and they have been packing into the Education Center for Yak Packers, Saturday Art Labs, and Drum Beats and Little Feet. We’re going to be changing our Saturday Schedule for Art Labs in March, so look forward to a few announcements in January.

It’s been a quiet two weeks around the Museum with the Teens and Apprentice Museum Educators on break. Luckily, we’ve been spotting a few AMEs coming back early to intern in Visitor Experience for the winter and Teens have been really keeping their blog going so be sure to check it out at rmateens.tumblr.com.

We start the year running in Educational Resources with an exhibition opening or major rotation happening every month starting February 1, 2012! Even though the opening for a major rotation of artworks in the Masterworks exhibition is a month away, all of the media and production work for the exhibition has to be completed early, so we’ve been firming up our audio tour scripts, and working on a number of projects for the Tenth Karmapa exhibition that will open in March. It may sound odd but I will remember the holiday period of 2011 as the 12 Deeds of the Buddha video script edit-a-thon (so will Andrew and Karl!).

What’s an end of year post without a look back on 2011? Here are just a few of my favorite blog posts from the past year:

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