Week-in-Review: October 22–28

One of the most awesome things about Facebook is that sometimes a small comment about a play, gallery, or band can spark your interest in a something you’ve never thought about. Last night my friend Bart (who coincidently visited the museum during K2 last week) commented about the new M83 album (Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming) and how good it was. I quickly listened to it on iTunes, and for some reason I was immediately reminded of the Mirror of the Buddha exhibition. Now, what does a contemporary, French, electric shoegaze*/indie pop group have to do with 12th century images Taklungthangpa and Phagmotrupa – well I can’t exactly explain why I associate the two together, but it makes for a great contrast (Press play and look at picture below):

Sometimes contrasts are what Education at the Rubin Museum is all about. This weekend we celebrated Diwali with families by making clay lamps, and on Monday our Teen Art Lab was on the corner of 17th and 7th learning practicing some newly found digital SLR camera skills.

On Wednesday our Teen Guide Council learned about the open-ended, inquiry-based questioning strategies (VTS), while our Adult Education program finished learning some great facts about Buddhism and art.

The Yak Packers made scary masks on Thursday morning while our Guides and Docents eased their fears about Modernist Art from India with an informative session led by Curator, Beth Citron.

On Friday a group of student Peer Mentors from Baruch College led their first visit to the museum, while Professor Gopal Sukhu led his class in East Asian Studies in our Education Center.

All these contrasts and more…every week!

* Shoegazing (also known as shoegaze) is a subgenre of alternative rock that emerged from the United Kingdom in the late 1980s- Thank you Wikipedia for making me feel slightly hip- is that what the kids are saying these days…

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