Yak Packing!

Today is Thursday and that means it’s time for class! The Yak Packers meet two times a week to have some fun adventures with our teachers, Prachi and Aoife.

Holding their favorite books!

Some people can hardly wait for class to start…

You push, I'll pull!

When everyone arrives, we can start! We begin Yak Packers with fifteen minutes of free play.

Blocks and magnets and dinosaurs...

Look what he found in the basket of goodies!

Somebody made a HUGE tower!









When Miss Aoife asks for clean up time, everyone gets right to work. We know what’s next…Story Time! Everyone gathers into a big semi-circle and chooses their favorite color pillow from the rainbow pillow mountain.

The theme of the day has to do with sounds...

When we’re finished with our story about the freight train (and after we’ve made all of the choo-choos and chugga-chugga-chuggas), we grab hands and head to the Museum, where we will be on the lookout for new sounds. Some interesting noises were coming from the Shrine Room!

When we return to class, our next activity is to make shakers. With different beans, lentils, rice, and cotton balls, we shake an eggful to see what the sound is.

Shakers make dance music!

Finally, when we’re cleaned up and washed up, on our way out, we get to ring the bell. See you every Wednesday and Thursday.

What sound does that bell make?


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