Teen Run Teen Nights!!!

Last Saturday, teen leaders who work at the Museum as part of our Teen Guide Council hosted an amazing teen-run event – Samsara: Journey to Enlightenment.  The event was a huge success attracting 200 NYC area teen visitors!

This teen night was an interactive event based on the Buddhist wheel of life.  Learn more about the Wheel of Life here: http://www.rmanyc.org/uploads/documents/wheelofbecoming_final.pdf

Teens arrived at 3 for a brief tour on the Wheel of Life led by the Teen Guide Council and learned how Buddhists believe that depending on your karma you can be reborn into one of six realms: the human realm, animal realm, hungry ghost realm or god realm.

After learning about the exciting diversity of options, teens spun the Wheel of Life and set out on their own non-religious path to Enlightenment by traveling from
gallery to gallery as they traversed the worlds.  Each floor of the Museum was transformed into a different realm in the wheel of life and featured a teen-led tour of a related work of art plus an art making activity with professional artists to explore
ways to respond to each realm through art making.  Here are some pics of the floor action and check out this awesome account of the hell realm on the events facebook page submitted by participating artist Max Liboiron. http://www.facebook.com/?sk=welcome#!/media/set/?set=a.10151484305853166.1073741825.715523165&type=1

Participants were encouraged to submit their own artistic responses to
the Wheel of Life in a call for artwork submissions organized by High Five Arts
Connection.  Can’t wait to see what our visitors come up with!  Teens completed
their journey through the Wheel of Life in an Enlightenment After Party with an
abundance of Himalayan food and bhangra dancing.

Can’t wait to see what the TGC Leaders come up with next and amazing job crew!


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As Manager of Youth Development at the Rubin Museum of Art, I design, facilitate and teach youth development programs for teens and college students that take place during out-of-school time. At the Rubin Museum, I can combine my huge love for Asian Art and culture with my other favorite thing: working with students!
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