Mandalas All Day!! with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

This past Saturday, School Programs led an exciting all-day workshop for parents and students through Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.  The theme of the day was … MANDALAS!!!

To begin the day, Marilyn led the group in a movement workshop.  After looking at each individual element of a mandala, parents and students worked together to become that element.

Some represented space…

Other represented protection…

In the end, the group came together to become one big human mandala.

After the group activity, each participant then created a personal mandala that they folded and wrapped with multi-colored threads to create a protective amulet.  The participants wore their amulets for the museum tour where they learned about Buddha, explored other forms of protection, and, of course, looked at a mandala.

The day ended with a 3-D Mandala Workshop where participants planned and built imaginative, varied, and structurally sound three-dimensional mandalas using multicolored paper as the material.  The results were fantastic!

Thank you to the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth staff, Mary Crowley,  Jody Glassman, and Ally Glassman, for your collaboration in planning and implementing this event.  And a thank you to all the participants for an exciting mandala-filled day!

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