Comic Style Journey Scrolls!

In conjunction with the Hero, Villain, Yeti: Tibet in Comic Exhibition, School Programs had adapted the Journey Scroll Workshopto reflect the style and technique of comic book artists.

The begining of a journey up Mt Everest. "One day I thought I want to climb Mount Everest...."

By focusing on a step-by-step process of how to create a comic and understanding how to form a story (focus on sequence of events), students are creating their own 1 page comic. Each student decides how to divide the space provided and creates a story from a series of promptsĀ  from their experience in the gallerires or an imagined journey to the Himalayas.

A 3rd grade students sketches his comic. It begins: "One day a young boy just your age was walking in the Himalayas..."

One teacher at this workshop commented that this project tied in neatly with their English curriculum- in which students were learning about sequence and how to create a story. A second teacher left the workshop excited to look at ways to incorporate comics into her end of year curriculum wrap-up project! (I can’t wait to see this either!)

A student and his sister take a journey to Mt Everest, and ride home on a super dog!

An almost fully sketched comic showing the Birth of Buddha and the Green Lama in the Hero Villain Yeti: Tibet in Comics Exhibit!

Stay tuned for more as we gather more complete comics from this new workshop!

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Marilyn Casey is the Assistant Manager of School Programs at the Rubin Museum of Art. With a wide range of teaching and arts experience, she has worked in outdoor education administration, art classrooms, and a variety of ceramics studios around the tri-state area. She currently holds NY and NJ State Teacher Certification for Art K-12.
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