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About Aoife

Aoife leads classes and special events for families at RMA. Aoife’s favorite thing about working at The Rubin is sharing the exhibitions with our youngest visitors and their families.

Auspicious Stitches Puppet Project For Sandy Victims

Auspicious Stitches is one of our longest running classes. It is more of a workshop really, an open time when local and visiting fabric artists come together to be creative. The group represents a broad spectrum of knowledge and skill … Continue reading

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Family Day: Animal Adventure!

Saturday October 13th we celebrated our Fall Family Day with an Amazing Animal Adventure honoring the Four Friends of Himalayan folklore. Families explored the galleries for animals in the art works and created hanging sculptures of the four friends, stopping … Continue reading

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Stories of the Himalayas

Overview of Stories of the Himalayas home-school program Continue reading

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Painting Tools

Looking at lines is a common theme in our Yak Packers early childhood art class. Last week we tried something new and created “brushes” out of yarn wrapped with tape. You can see here we made a variety of “brushes” … Continue reading

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Topographic Globe

I am fed up with flat maps. They just don’t provide the information I’m trying to convey. I’m always frustrated with their rainbow blobs defining borders. Young children often wonder if China, Chile, and Madagascar have something in common because … Continue reading

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A Special Visit from Donald Rubin

This month in Auspicious Stitches (our weekly fabric arts workshop) we welcomed new and familiar faces as we celebrated the end of the year. From the grand children of seasoned stitchers, to the co-founder of the museum, the group was … Continue reading

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Welcoming every family member

Today is Veterans Day, and I’m thinking about the shared culture of our human race. Every human being has the right, maybe even the duty to learn from the accomplishments and creations of those people who lived before us. I’m … Continue reading

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Collaborative Art Making

There’s a special challenge in coordinating collaborative art projects. Working together to create a work of art to be shared with a larger audience can be fulfilling though it’s tough to get past the fact that people make art in … Continue reading

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