Artifact Investigation Updates

This spring, we have had the opportunity to work with a variety of school groups on the Artifact Investigation Workshop. From 5th grade students to seniors in high school, the workshop has been exciting and successful so far!

The students are divided into small groups to investigate Himalayan artifacts.

Investigating a Ritual Bell

Each student fills out their Artifact Investigation Worksheet, documenting their observations about the texture, shape, size, weight, important markings, and hypnosis of their artifact.


Ganesha Artifact Worksheet

Ganesha Artifact Worksheet

Next, each group prepares a presentation to their classmates about their artifact what they have discovered. Groups focus on describing their artifact, telling what it could teach us about Himalayan culture, and a hypothesis about the object.

Wrathful deity artifact worksheet

Finally, each group sees an image of their artifact in context as we discuss each artifact.

About Marilyn

Marilyn Casey is the Assistant Manager of School Programs at the Rubin Museum of Art. With a wide range of teaching and arts experience, she has worked in outdoor education administration, art classrooms, and a variety of ceramics studios around the tri-state area. She currently holds NY and NJ State Teacher Certification for Art K-12.
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