A Special Visit from Donald Rubin

This month in Auspicious Stitches (our weekly fabric arts workshop) we welcomed new and familiar faces as we celebrated the end of the year. From the grand children of seasoned stitchers, to the co-founder of the museum, the group was delighted to welcome everyone who came to visit. It’s Mr Rubin’s visit that I want to celebrate here.

The group decided on their own to invite Mr. Rubin. I agreed to pass along the request. They crafted a beautiful formal invitation and Mr. Rubin graciously accepted. The group decided that for his visit they would share artworks they’ve made that were inspired by the RMA’s collection, along with some snacks. When the day arrived, it was clear everyone had shared their excitement with friends. The room was packed, the group is usually about 12 stitchers but this week there was 30!

Auspiciously, Mr. Rubin had also decided to bring something to share. A mixed media artwork made of natural materials, and then painted. A Mr. Levy had made the piece during a crafting program Mr. Rubin once led for retirees in the pocket-book workers union. Mr Rubin stayed for over an hour chatting with the group and sharing stories with them. It was a great honor to have him.

The tradition of visiting with friends and family over the holidays doesn’t always make it’s way into the classroom, but after this experience, I believe it should.

How do you feel about welcoming friends, family, and  guests to your classes over the holidays? What are your experiences with inviting special guests to speak with your class or tour group?

P.s. On this same subject, here’s link to Lauren Appel’s wonderful post about a surprise visit with Alice Kandell in the galleries a few weeks ago.

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