A New Way to Look at our Looking Guides

This afternoon I came across an interesting package on my desk.  The envelop was made of calendar sheets from 2011 addressed to the Rubin Museum of Art in bold black Sharpie.  Within the grid sheets was one of our Looking Guides that we distribute for free within the galleries to help visitor’s recognize common symbols and important figures in Himalayan Art.

To my pleasant surprise our standard Looking Guide took on a whole new form.  As I flipped through the pages it became apparent that a visitor decided to create new works of art using the guide as their canvas.


Envelop to the Rubin Museum of Art

Checking the address I noticed the work had been done by a New Jersey artist, Robert Bohn, who on his website states that his work attempts to “re-establish the definition and purpose of our daily objects to inspire observational awakening and create resourcefulness in our communities.”


At the end of the booklet was a small message to the museum stating “Thanks for the Show.” No Robert, thank you.

"Thanks for the Show"

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